We offer best in class physical damage insurance coverage and extended service protection for your heavy construction equipment needs at the point of purchase.

Our Mission is to be the best business partner for our heavy construction equipment customers by consistently providing exceptional products backed by superior service.

About Us

Arclight is shining a light on the heavy construction equipment Industry.

Arclight offers best in class insurance and extended service protection products. We take the stress out of the claim process and reduce equipment downtime due to accidents and repairs, through our exceptional claims service.

With over 30 years’ experience in the construction equipment space, we understand the protection you need for your equipment and the importance of having a reliable and knowledgeable partner covering your property.

Why choose Arclight


Experienced claims handling of covered Physical Damage Insurance and Extended Service Protection claims can be invaluable to an individual or organization.  Our superior claims handling experience can help ensure any covered damage incurred is accurately assessed and the appropriate coverage is applied. We can also provide insight as to how to minimize the risk of damage in the first place. Additionally, we help ensure any covered claims are processed quickly and efficiently, resulting in a smoother process for all parties involved.


Timely claims notification for covered Physical Damage is incredibly important. Arclight’s personal approach allows our claims experts to help you have the best possible claims resolution. Our approach allows for a more personalized customer service experience, which can help build trust and loyalty. Likewise, a personal approach allows for more accurate and timely communication between you and our claims experts to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed quickly.


Arclight delivers best in class support handling for your Physical Damage Insurance, and Extended Service Contracts claims, repairs or questions.  Effective and timely support is essential for any successful business to get back up and running with their equipment.



Physical Damage Insurance

Repair of the excavator bucket, replacement of the nozzle on the boom
  • Covers direct physical damage loss caused by a covered peril to your contractors equipment.
  • Our Physical Damage Insurance Coverage is the broadest in the industry.
  • Arclight is the only company able to settle covered claims for both Physical Damage Insurance Coverage and Extended Service Contracts together with one claims representative.

Extended Service Protection

  • Extended service protection plans act just like an extended warranty.
  • Extended service protection plans cover unexpected repairs in case of mechanical failures to your equipment.
  • Arclight’s Extended Service Protection has a zero-dollar deductible, meaning the customer will not have to pay out of pocket for any covered repairs

Arclight offers best in class products for your heavy construction equipment needs

  • Our product’s coverage is the broadest in the industry.
  • We protect the end-user in the event of an unexpected covered repair or covered loss to their equipment.
  • Our claims service makes the process seamless by having one adjuster handle both your Physical Damage Insurance Policy and your Extended Service Contract simultaneously to make sure the customer gets the best outcome with the least amount of out of pocket costs at the time of a covered repair or claim.